Skin types and the Fitzpatrick Scale

The standard method of classifying skin type is the Fitzpatrick scale, from 1 to 6.
The Ellipse SPT system can only treat up a light skin type 5

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Before Treatments can begin
Prior to any treatment(s) being carried out, a thorough consultation and assessment will be performed accompanied by an informed consent outlining the treatment area, cost and possible adverse reactions.

A health review will also be completed before any treatment detailing any medical changes such as newly diagnosed conditions, new medications and confirmation of any sun exposure or the application of false tan in the last 30 days*. This will require signatures and dates from both practitioner and client.

It is very important to bring a list of medication you are taking and follow the pre and post care guidelines and avoid sun exposure.

Some Conditions like the below it is not suitable to have the treatments
Light Sensitive Epilepsy, Type 1 Diabetes (Insulin Dep), Gold Injections (doxrubicin), pacemaker, certain heart conditions. Active Cancer, History of Skin Cancer, Xeroderma Pigmentosium, Porphyria, Pregnancy

Haemophiliacs, Anticoagulant Medication, High or low blood pressure, Liver & Kidney Disease, Photosensitive Medications, Anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, Retinol, Roaccutane/ Isotretinoin, St Johns Wort, Deep Peels and Laser Resurfacing (Physician level), Skin Resurfacers/ Enzyme/ BHA/ AHA Peels, Semi Permanent make-up and Tattoos, Vitiligo

  • Transsexuals can be treated successfully with the Ellipse SWT®, however, please be aware results can vary. Hormone therapy is recommended 6 months before treatment begins as this will assist results.
  • Conditions that effect hormonal levels such as HRT, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and thyroid disorders etc. Can all be treated, however, client’s results may vary.


About the salon

I am a home based Beauty Salon working from our fully air conditioned garage, It has its own front door. You will need to access the toilet via an internal door to the house.

I live in a quiet cul de sac in Little Sandhurst. You can park on the street in front of the house or driveway if free. (please be mindful of the neighbours whilst parking)

You can also walk from sandhurst train station up the hill in about 5 minutes.

I offer a wide range of treatments from waxing Strip and Non strip (male and Female), Ellipse hair reduction and Skin rejuvenation, massage and CACI non-surgical facials.
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